On the basis of our daily work we understand the importance of neutral information and technical detailed knowledge in order to solve the problems and questions of practice efficiently. Publications of experts - Fill your daily work with knowledge!

In this field of the "conventional" knowledge transfer, S & P is also active in the business area "Publishing" and produces publications provided with ISBNs (reference books and guidelines) for the German and international market (English versions) as self-publisher. The marketing of those works is carried out autonomously directly through Stein & Partner, under utilisation of international distribution channels.

Success with knowledge

The enormous existing knowledge in the field of pipeline construction and maintenance as well as the know-how, which has been increasing in our company in the processing of various fields of activity in planning, statics, experts' reports, net management, research and new media throughout the years, is summarised in several subject areas and therefore made accessible for a broad professional audience.

Sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words

Different professional subjects are edited in reference books and guidelines in an understandable and reader-friendly way (texts, illustrations and tables). Complicated connections and methods can easily be understood by means of numerous graphics and illustrations. In this case, we are supported by our subsidiary company visaplan GmbH which disposes of long lasting experience in the field of process visualisation and is resposible for the majority of the images and graphics, which are printed in our works.

Quality and accuracy create our demands

Our demands are therefore always a simple, understandable language - alongside with an understandable presentation of various factual connections -, neutrality in the presentation and accuracy in the investigation of information. This course of action guarantees a high degree of reliability of the published contents.

The collaboration of university professor Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Stein as author and academic advisor for the S & P publications guarantees the high editorial quality of the published works and ensures their technical correctness.